We offer a very straightforward pricing structure for our professional services. They are as follows; 

Full Service (up to 4 consecutive hours) - £350.00 

Additional hours - £50.00 

Full Service + 1.5 hours at wake - £400.00 

Vidhi Service - £100 for a 1 hour prayer service*

Photography of the deceased - £100.00** 

Church take in/night before service - £100 per hour. 

Weekend/Bank holiday Services - +£75 to all services.

*Please note that Vidhi services ARE included in the price of the Full service. 

**Photographs of deceased will be arranged between us and your funeral director. Once your loved one has been washed and dress to look their best, we will arrange an evening to document this. If you wish to be present and have photographs with your loved ones this can also be arranged. This process will take approximately an hour.