Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Will You be taking photos of family members who are emotional?

No, we take photos of the day and the service. We tell the story of the day; from the cortege, to the ceremony location, to the flowers and everything in between. We capture the fine details that personify your loved one. We don’t wish to intrude on any family members during such a sensitive time.


I don't want to see the photos right away, can I wait a while before I see them?

Of course you can. We will hold onto your photos indefinitely and have them safely in our archive system. Whenever you feel ready to receive them, contact us or your funeral director and they will be sent to you.

Do you take pictures of the deceased?

Ordinarily we would not without express permission from the paying family member, however, if it is requested then we would be able to do this for you at an additional cost. 

Is it weird to ask for photos of family members i.e groups photos?

Not at all. We believe it is important to have these types of photos. It forms part of a lovely tribute to your loved ones and shows a level of both respect and care towards the person that has passed away.

How many photos can I expect to receive?

This does depend on the length, type and size of the service. On average we aim to deliver between 100-250 photos, all beautifully edited. As we edit every single photo individually, it can take up to 14 days for the photos to be ready. Please note that Due to Covid 19 restrictions affecting size and timings of services, we may only be able to deliver 75-150 photos. 

Why should I have photography at a funeral?

Photography at a funeral is important. A funeral is your loved ones’ last day, and your last day to be with them. It is an occasion that should be remembered and treasured for a lifetime and beyond. Photography for funerals allows you the liberty of fully immersing yourself in the service without having to try and remember every small detail. It allows you to focus on your loved ones without the pressure of trying to document it yourself. In addition, it allows those who may not be able to attend, still feel part of the service and these photos can be shared with friends and families across the world. Not only this, but future generations will be able to witness the service of family members and understand their story; from beginning till the end. If you are still unsure whether you would like photography or not, we always say that its better to have the photos taken because if you did not take them, you will not get the chance to do this again.

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