About Us

We are passionate photographers who strongly believe that there is a need for documenting and telling the story behind your loved ones last and special day. 

As former funeral directors, we have led many services and understand the sensitivity that encompasses a funeral service. On reflection of the services we have led, it is often noted that families always express the same feelings;


'It was a beautiful service, but I cannot remember it, We wish there was a way to look back at the service.'  

We understand this, as a funeral is undoubtedly a time of very strong and mixed emotions and often results in not remembering the details that made your loved ones service special. 

We find this rather a unfortunate sentiment and as such we decided to used are abilities in photography to allow families the liberty of experiencing the funeral service, whilst letting us ensure this special day is treasured for a lifetime. 

Our aim is to document and capture this important day and highlight the significant moments and details behind the service. We want families to look back at the photographs, years from now, and be able to appreciate the service they gave to the ones that were special to them. 

Photography is particularly important at a funeral as you are able to share this day with friends and family who could not attend. It gives an opportunity to feel connected with those who have passed away and can even be a way of showing future generations the life of someone within the family; From the beginning to the end. 


Thank you for visiting this page and if you wish to document and capture your loved ones service, please feel free to get in touch and we will help you in any way we can.